Darren Perryman - The Chef

There’s a revolution in restaurants around the world. Customers and chefs are increasingly growing their own fruit and vegetables - even their own meat - to satisfy demands for super freshness and garden to plate provenance. This video interview introduces one lucky chef with a huge farm right on his doorstep.

Prof Robin Batterham - The Scientist

In the latest in the Soils for Life video series, former Australian Chief Scientist, Professor Robin Batterham, warns that the world has lost two thirds of all soil carbon since the introduction of industrial agriculture.

Tony Coote - The Farmer

<br> A new way of farming which began 11 years ago and boosted productivity by 60 per cent has been adopted by an entire catchment measuring 23,000 hectares near Canberra.

Costa Georgiadis - The Gardening Guru

  This interview with “Gardening Australia” host, Costa Georgiadis, is the next in our ongoing video series. Costa is passionate about turning 'death into life’ to construct healthy soils, and the impact of the growing urban sprawl on our food producers.  

Fiona Simson: The President

In this exclusive series of interviews for Soils for Life, prominent Australians lend their perspective on the fundamental role that soils play in our urban and rural landscape. You’ll hear from prominent influencers, a chef, an innovator, a gardening guru and one of our most advanced farmers. Enjoy. Fiona Simson, president of National Farmers Federation, shares her views on taking care of the soil with today's farming practices.