Charlie Maslin - The Disrupter

  Listen to Charlie Maslin talk about how his 'drought proofing' strategies for his regenerative farm, aimed at keeping his groundcover, can capture rain when it comes - heavy or not.  

Winlaton - Regenerative Agriculture Case Study (Round 2)

  Winlaton is a Future Farming Landscapes investment model for sustainable and regenerative agriculture in the irrigation sector. It is the brainchild of the founders of Kilter Rural and achieves 8% ROI through three income streams - production, the water market and state eco-credits on 8500 ha of aggregated properties. As the southern-most cotton growing enterprise in Australia, it also crops tomatoes & lucerne as part of the rotation, and keeps/restores 40% of area under native vegetation. 

Jillamatong - Regenerative Agriculture Case Study

  At “Jillamatong” near Braidwood, Martin Royds has turned traditional agriculture in his neighbourhood on its head, and increased his productivity to 230% per DSE. Determination, learning from the experts and an inquisitive mind have been the key to “Jillamatong”’s success, even in dry times.  

Alan Lauder - The Carbon Expert

In this exclusive series of interviews for Soils for Life, prominent Australians lend their perspective on the fundamental role that soils play in our urban and rural landscape. You’ll hear from prominent influencers, a chef, an innovator, a gardening guru and several of our most advanced farmers. Enjoy. Alan Lauder - farmer and author, talks about farming 'Carbon Flows'