Alison Pouliot - The Fungus Whisperer

Alison Pouliot is a natural historian, environmental photographer, honorary fellow at the ANU and a font of all knowledge on the subject of fungi. In this video, Alison talks about the role fungi play in healthy, productive soils. She shares her enthusiasm for working with farmers to build living soils that support the mutually beneficial relationship between fungi and plants.  

David Marsh - The Regenerative Farmer

Regenerative agriculture farmer, David Marsh, wanted "more life" coming onto his property. In this video David talks about how his regenerative management practices allow natural processes of self-organisation and diversification in the landscape to happen.  

Bryan Ward - The Farmer

Not far from Albury, NSW, Bryan Ward has been quietly ignoring the drought and sustaining a highly profitable operation on less than 160 hectares. In May 2019, Soils For Life held a special field day at Bryan’s farm, “Illawong”. His farm is also the subject of a, soon to be released, in-depth case study.  

Professor Justin Borevitz

A cafe conversation with one of Australia's foremost experts on genetics, plant biology and soils, Professor Justin Borevitz, tells us farmers have all the answers to climate change, for many reasons.  

Nicole Masters - The Agroecologist

In the town of Bombala on the Monaro high plains pf New South Wales, renowned agroecologist, Nicole Masters, captivated a large audience with her graphic descriptions of how soils function, before a hands-on examination of the soils on two local properties.  

John Feehan - Dung beetles

  And now - everything you ever wanted to know about dung beetles from one of Australia’s top experts. John Feehan says these tiny creatures have the answer to carbon sequestration and preventing nutrient and chemical runoff into our waterways.

John West - Mulloon Creek Catchment

  This interview with John West is part of our Mulloon Creek Catchment case study. The case study outlines the collaboration between 20 farmers rehydrating their creek and agricultural landscape. John West has seen a remarkable transformation on his part of the Creek, in a very short time. In 12 weeks, and with five interventions, John’s seeing fish and birds for the first time in decades, as well as clean water good enough for a dip. Read the case study