MAJGEN Michael Jeffery, Chair of Soils for Life, on regenerating our landscape

Soils for Life is an Outcomes Australia project and has principal purpose of enhancing Australia's natural environment with a focus on the Australian rural landscape.

The Soils for Life program supports innovative farmers and land managers demonstrating high performance in regenerative landscape management. We believe their stories (see are compelling and can provide confidence for those who want to make a change for the better.

Despite good practices of many of our farmers and land managers, our soil health has been depleted. Carbon content is severely reduced, due to a lack of organic matter, and resultant water-holding capacity is poor. Nutrient availability for plants and animals has been compromised by poor soil health and structure and the ever-increasing reliance on chemical inputs.

This then compromises the health and wellbeing of every one of us world-wide.

We need to support innovative farmers and land managerswho have adopted regenerative landscape management techniques to encourage these practices to become the norm. This will build resilient landscapes to enable us to produce sufficient nutritious food and fibre to meet the needs of a growing population.