August message from the CEO

The highlight this month is the 20th biennial Australian Rangeland Society (ARS) Conference being held as I write at Canberra’s Australian National University (ANU) for three days. ARS is an independent and non-aligned association connecting people who care about improving sustainable management of natural resource, life and business in the rangelands. I delivered the opening address on behalf of the National Soils Advocate, General Mike Jeffery who is recovering from surgery. The conference is well supported and organised with a varied range of respected and talented speakers. Next issue we’ll report further on the proceedings.

I’m looking forward to participating next week in the inaugural REGEN WA Regenerative Agricultural Conference. The conference is focussed on the demonstration of practical approaches to farming that allow Western Australia to provide safe and healthy food, integrating innovative sustainability practices. The 2019 Regenerative Agriculture Conference will be the first in WA to lay the groundwork for industry-led solutions to meet the challenges of population growth and responsible environmental management. It’s not too late to register.

Other events where Soils for Life participated include the Upper Snowy Landcare Network event addressed by one of our board members, Prof Justin Borevitz from ANU. Dr Richard Thackaway and I presented a webinar discussion of a re-generative success story in the Brigalow country. The webinar was cast throughout regional Queensland and was part of the Communities in Transition Webinar Series coordinated by The Ecoefficiency Group.

Keep an eye out for ABC’s Landline this Sunday and the Sydney Telegraph newspaper for interviews with the National Soils Advocate, Mike Jeffery.

We will also be writing soon of some recent advances in remote sensing which are impressive, affordable, accessible and useful.

Farmers around the Upper Murray, Holbrook and Gippsland area are welcome to attend the “5 X 100 Re-Gen Challenge” at Paul Land’s Cudgewa property on 24 September. See our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information in the next couple of days.