Response of the Advocate for Soil Health to the IPCC report on Climate Change and Land

The IPCC report released on 7 August 2019 addresses land-based ecosystems, land use and sustainable land management in relation to climate change mitigation, desertification, land degradation and food security.

The permanent Office of the Advocate for Soil Health will work with all government departments to provide a coordinated response which recognises the national importance of soil health for productivity and nutrition both in Australia and in nearby nations.

My brief is to restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape to guarantee a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities. I see regenerative agriculture as a system of land management principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds and enhance ecosystems.

The land plays a vital role in the carbon cycle and our land resources are part of the climate change solution. Case studies published by the Soils for Life program demonstrate solutions to land degradation and carbon emissions. The office of the National Soil Advocate will coordinate a response by local communities, industry and all levels of government to soil health which will improve agricultural sustainability, support biodiversity, and strengthen food security.

National Soil Advocate General Michael Jeffery