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20 landholders, one 50 km creek, and a unique regenerative success story

The latest case study from Soils For Life traces a remarkable collaboration amongst farmers to regenerate a whole catchment on the NSW Southern Tablelands, and over 20 farms which depend on it. The Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project is unique, long term and broad. With the guidance and co-ordination of The Mulloon Institute, 20 landholders are working collaboratively to repair and rehydrate the creeks, gullies and agricultural landscapes of the catchment. It has also presented an opportunity for those land managers to develop a baseline understanding of the catchment’s condition as a whole. The goal has been to reverse the ....

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"4 Corners" missed the point

Australia’s National Soil Advocate, Chair of Soils For Life and former Governor General Major General Michael Jeffery, says last night’s “4 Corners” program on climate change neglected an important element in the debate about solutions to Australia’s annual emissions of 550 million tonnes of CO2. General Jeffery said the focus on curbing emissions, and who should or should not pay, ignored the fact that Australia’s soils represented our largest carbon sink. “We have the capacity to substantially reduce our overall emissions by improving the soil health of 470 million hectares of our agricultural landscape”, General Jeffery said. “Australia’s former Chief Scientist, Professor Robin Batterham, ....

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Biodiversity stewardship program: soils for life farmers lead the way

The Chair of Soils For Life, Major General Michael Jeffery, has welcomed the Federal Government’s $30 million Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Program as an encouraging step towards the widespread application of regenerative agriculture practices. General Jeffery said the 23 case studies undertaken through the SFL program provided outstanding examples of farmers who could provide guidance and inspiration to farm businesses aiming to qualify for the pilot Stewardship Program. “All of our farmers – including those involved in two new case studies about to be published – have proved that overturning some of the old ways of farming have resulted in greater productivity, greater diversity ....

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Blockchain technology could assist 85,000 farmers

Australia’s Advocate for Soil Health, Major General Michael Jeffery, will examine the potential of blockchain technology to assist the country’s farmers to monitor their soil health and assets over time, at a conference in Adelaide on Monday, March 18th. As Patron of the Australian Davos Connection, General Jeffery will provide the opening address of the ADC Global Blockchain Summit at the Adelaide Convention Centre. He will assert that blockchain technology brings with it complex questions around governance, ethics, international law, security, and economics. General Jeffery will also discuss the potential of healthy soils to store carbon, with the capacity to neutralise Australia’s total annual industrial emissions ....

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Drought fund should be a catalyst for fundamental farming change

Australia’s National Soil Advocate and Chair of Soils For Life, Major General Michael Jeffery, has welcomed yesterday’s passage of the Future Drought Fund legislation with optimism that it will provide funds for fundamental change to the way Australia farms. “Our case studies and interviews for Soils For Life (www.soilsforlife.org.au), especially those undertaken in drought affected areas, have proved that regenerative agriculture practices have the capacity to help “drought-proof” agriculture”, General Jeffery said. “Those of our case study farmers still technically in drought have functioning streams, ample or adequate top cover and have not needed to buy supplementary feed”. ....

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Imperial Springs International Forum in Guangzhou

The Chair of Soils for Life and Australia’s National Soil Advocate, Major General Jeffery attended the Imperial Springs International Forum in Guangzhou, China on December 14th. The meetings included former President of Timor Leste, Jose Ramos Horta, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke, the President of the Australia China Friendship and Exchange Association,Dr Chau Chak Wing, and the former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.