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Letter to The Australian from the Soil Advocate

  I write in response to your editorial “Time to get on with new dams” (12/8). While properly sited dams have their role, much more water can be stored in healthy soil containing adequate levels of carbon. Essential carbon can be sequestered into soil by informed farmers who integrate the management of their plants, soil, water and, where appropriate, their animals. In cities, we can ensure urban planners design ways to catch and safely reuse every drop of rain. As the Commonwealth national Advocate for Soil Health, I recommend that water be seen as a key national strategic asset. Working together, federal cabinet ....

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Workshops - Earth Canvas

  Earth Canvas is a project set up by Gill Sanbrook that links six outstanding Australian artists to six regenerative farmers to give their artistic interpretation of what’s happening on their land. The Earth Canvas project began in April 2019 and will culminate in November when the six farmers will host a lunch at their properties to showcase their regenerative agriculture and the artists will exhibit their art. Workshops and field days are being held to further showcase regenerative farming in a creative and stimulating format. https://earthcanvas.com.au/  

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Note from the Chair July 2019

  For the first time, we have a national objective to restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison guaranteed a food-secure nation and sustainable farming communities in his speech at the recent Daily Telegraph Dubbo Drought Summit in July. Farmers who are informed and supported can successfully integrate the management of their soil, water, vegetation and animals. Soils for Life can work collaboratively with farming communities to ensure the agricultural industry is sustainable and our environment is resilient. The Prime Minister announced that his Government will support this national objective and that all appropriate departmental portfolio areas will work ....

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Introducing the Media and Communications Manager with the Soils for Life Team

Cecilia Moar is a former farmer and resident of the North-Central, Wimmera and Mallee areas in Victoria. Awarded ABC Rural Victorian Woman of the Year, a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership program, she sat on the boards of Telstra and the Mallee Catchment Management Authority. Cecilia has an Honours degree in Social Science from Bond University. Cecilia’s professional experience includes commercial food and fibre production, land and water stewardship, community capacity building, corporate governance, and the delivery of education and ....

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Turning the Tennis Court into Trail Plots for Soil Nutrition

The National Soil Advocate Major General Michael Jeffery visited Freeman’s Organic Farm at Currumbin Valley, Qld, on Tuesday 30 July 2019. David Freeman grows an abundance of green nutrient-dense organic vegetables and tropical fruits. David says, “I’m very interested in the health of my soil, which translates into nutrient-dense food and better health.” Today, the former banana farm demonstrates significant improvements to soil health. With improved hydrology the farm is now rich in organic matter with a neutral pH, providing optimum conditions for a ....

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Response of the Advocate for Soil Health to the IPCC report on Climate Change and Land

The IPCC report released on 7 August 2019 addresses land-based ecosystems, land use and sustainable land management in relation to climate change mitigation, desertification, land degradation and food security. The permanent Office of the Advocate for Soil Health will work with all government departments to provide a coordinated response which recognises the national importance of soil health for productivity and nutrition both in Australia and in nearby nations. My brief is to restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape to guarantee a food ....