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Next steps after the launch

01-Oct-2012 NEXT STEPS AFTER THE LAUNCH After a very busy month for Soils for Life we are eagerly looking forward to our next steps after the very successful launch on 13 September of our case study report, Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management, and new website www.soilsforlife.org.au. The Launch The launch was very well received by all in attendance - thanks to all of those who joined us on the day, in particular our case study participants. We were all fortunate to be able to swap stories as the Soils for Life Board and case study participants joined the Soils for Life team for lunch after the launch. Have a look at the photos on ....

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Future Directions International comments on Soils for Life

  FUTURE DIRECTIONS INTERNATIONAL COMMENTS ON SOILS FOR LIFE Future Directions International (FDI) has provided comment on Soils for Life - The Need to Regenerate our Landscape. FDI provides independent strategic analysis of Australia's global interests. It aims to ensure that Australians recognise they are part of a two-ocean continent and that West Australians see themselves belonging to a dynamic, national entity in a developing region of the world. In achieving this outcome, Indian Ocean and its littoral states will play an increasingly important role in Australia’s future. With this in mind, FDI has established four areas of research that embrace the following: ....

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Landline coverage of Soils for Life

  LANDLINE COVERAGE OF SOILS FOR LIFE Have a look at the piece Landline produced on Soils for Life after attending our report launch at: http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2012/s3581113.htm. You can read Graham and Cathy Finlayson's case study to see how far they've come since the Landline story in 2006, and also see their article in The Australian.

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Successful launch of the Soils for Life Report

14-Sep-2012 SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF THE SOILS FOR LIFE REPORT "Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management" Yesterday's launch of the Soils for Life report of techniques and practices that can help reverse landscape degradation and enable productive, profitable and sustainable farming was very well received by all in attendance. A wide cross-sector of the community was represented, including from ....

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New Soils for Life Website

www.soilsforlife.org.au Coinciding with the release of the report ‘Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management’, former Governor General, Michael Jeffery, launched the website as part of the Soils for Life program that aims to identify and promote leading farming practices in Australia to regenerate the health of the landscape. The website incorporates information about current national and global concerns related to landscape degradation and the regenerative practices that can be adopted to reverse this trend. ....

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Soils for Life case study participants cooperating for soil care

SOILS FOR LIFE CASE STUDY PARTICIPANTS COOPERATING FOR SOIL CARE Soils for Life case study participant Greg Chappell of Shannon Vale Station near Glen Innes, NSW was the guest speaker at a recent event hosted by Victoria’s North Eastern Catchment Management Authority (NE CMA) – also a subject of a Soils for Life case study. On 31 August, the NE CMA conducted a ‘Soil Care’ workshop and field day at Markwood, near Milawa in Victoria. The lead speaker was agronomist Gwyn Jones of Integrated Agri-Culture. Gwyn ....