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Note from Terry Harkness

Introducing Terry Harkness, a valued member of the Soils for Life team. As the Project Manager, Terry organises case studies and land-holder engagement. Terry is an accountant (CPA) with 30 years’ experience working in various industry sectors including manufacturing, waste recycling, mining and mining services, retail and hospitality. With an interest in landscape management Terry is a committee member of Landcare Illawarra acts as an honorary Treasurer for community organisations. Terry likes rugby league, touch football, bike riding, paddling on Lake Illawarra and seed collecting. He reads natural history, botany, colonial history and Aboriginal culture. Terry’s next project is to support sea bird colonies off the ....

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Global Table Conference in Melbourne

At a recent Melbourne food industry conference, the question was asked, ‘How do we feed billions more people and sustain our environment?’ Technology and innovation are key solutions. Where does soil health fit into the five topics: new foods, agtech, food waste, alternate proteins and the human microbiome? Is the soil microbiome the answer to many of our problems? Yes, says Soils for Life. Read more about the conference here.

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A statement from Sussan Ley MP, Minister for the Environment

The Hon Sussan Ley Minister for the Environment Statement to Parliament Extract from Hansard 23 July 2019 …We are working together. We know that between us we can help with one of the key environmental and agricultural outcomes, which is healthy soils. I was absolutely delighted to see that Major General Michael Jeffery has been reappointed as the national soils advocate. No-one who listens to Michael Jeffery could not but be a convert, if you weren't already, to the cause of healthy soils. He spoke at the National Drought Summit and he was outstanding. I'm delighted, Prime Minister, that his term has been extended and, in ....

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Interview with Major General Stephen Day, Coordinator-General for Drought, Part 2

"I came away reminded that out in the bush of our great brown land, the people are made of the right stuff. It is thanks to them and their efforts that we Australians eat as well as anyone." These are Major General Stephen Day's final words in Part 2 of the Future Directions International interview about his experience as Australia's Coordinator-General for drought. Read Part 2 of the interview here.

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Tony Coote Memorial Lecture

On Monday, August 5, 2019, Michael Jeffery, Australia's National Soil Advocate, delivered the Mulloon Institute's Inaugural Tony Coote AM Memorial Lecture. One of the resonating principles from Michael's speech: “It’s all about the seven billion microbes in a double-handful of healthy soil being kept happy.” The Tony Coote AM Memorial Lecture by Major General the Hon Michael Jeffery AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC (Retd) from Nviro Media on Vimeo.

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August message from the CEO

The highlight this month is the 20th biennial Australian Rangeland Society (ARS) Conference being held as I write at Canberra’s Australian National University (ANU) for three days. ARS is an independent and non-aligned association connecting people who care about improving sustainable management of natural resource, life and business in the rangelands. I delivered the opening address on behalf of the National Soils Advocate, General Mike Jeffery who is recovering from surgery. The conference is well supported and organised with a varied range of respected and talented speakers. Next issue we’ll report further on the proceedings. I’m looking forward to participating next week in the inaugural REGEN WA Regenerative Agricultural Conference. The conference is focussed on the demonstration of ....