Next steps after the launch



After a very busy month for Soils for Life we are eagerly looking forward to our next steps after the very successful launch on 13 September of our case study report, Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management, and new website

The Launch

The launch was very well received by all in attendance - thanks to all of those who joined us on the day, in particular our case study participants. We were all fortunate to be able to swap stories as the Soils for Life Board and case study participants joined the Soils for Life team for lunch after the launch. Have a look at the photos on our Facebook site.

The Australian newspaper has produced a number of great stories from across the country on our case study participants and the Soils for Life Program. Follow links from our Media Coverage page to these as well to other inspiring articles published this month in The Land and Rockhampton Morning Bulletin.

Landline also produced a short clip on the Soils for Life Program, referring back to a 2006 story on case study participants Graham and Cathy Finlayson of 'Bokhara Plains' near Brewarrina, NSW. Compare the images shown with those in Graham and Cathy's case study to see how far they've come in just six years.

Back in the office, the team has been busy distributing copies of the report to MPs, State Government, Chief Scientists as well as Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) and Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations nationally.

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) was delighted to receive a copy of our report (see our Facebook site), expressing that momentum is really beginning to build to see the kind of innovations described in the report becoming common practice across the country. We are looking forward to receiving more such positive responses from other high-level leaders who have received our report.

Regardless of this, we know that change comes from farmers and land managers taking action on the ground.

Next Steps

With that in mind, we are keen to continue supporting and encouraging the adoption of regenerative landscape management more broadly across Australia and have three interlinking work streams planned and underway.

    1. Encourage wider adoption of regenerative landscape management.
    Aim: To build these practices to a level that they are considered the ‘norm’ – facilitating adoption by 10,000-25,000 farmers and land managers over the next decade.

    2. Build and engage the Soils for Life Community, founded on our case study participants and kindred individuals and organisations.
    Aim: To provide strong support and access to knowledge, skills, teaching, mentoring and advice to facilitate wider adoption of regenerative landscape management practices.

    3. Expand our body of knowledge through the production of further case studies to ensure a broader representation of regions and land use.
    Aim: To enhance our knowledge base and examples of innovative landscape management to support the Soils for Life Program and further build our Community.

    Our first information and demonstration events are in the pipeline, with field days and presentations from our case study properties scheduled in the coming months. We're also continuing to develop and enhance our website, with some new features coming soon. Keep an eye on the News and Community pages for regular updates.

    Together, we can regenerate the Australian landscape!
    The Soils for Life Team

    PS. Contact us if you have suggestions that we can try to incorporate into our activities to facilitate change and reach our target of 25,000 Australian farmers and land managers practising high-performance regenerative landscape management techniques.