Future Directions International comments on Soils for Life



Future Directions International (FDI) has provided comment on Soils for Life - The Need to Regenerate our Landscape.

FDI provides independent strategic analysis of Australia's global interests. It aims to ensure that Australians recognise they are part of a two-ocean continent and that West Australians see themselves belonging to a dynamic, national entity in a developing region of the world. In achieving this outcome, Indian Ocean and its littoral states will play an increasingly important role in Australia’s future.

With this in mind, FDI has established four areas of research that embrace the following:

  • Developments in the Indian Ocean Region
  • Australia’s energy security
  • Future directions for Northern Australia
  • Australia’s role in solving future global food and water crises

FDI is of the view that any existing or potential shortages of water, food and energy are likely to lead to conflict and security issues. It is this threat to security and potential conflict that is the driver in seeking to understand the problem and identifying solutions.

To this end all FDI research undertaken in this area considers the following question: How can Australia best display a global leadership role in improved and sustained food productivity and landscape regeneration in the event of global food and water crises?

FDI's comment on the Soils for Life Program is included as part of its 26 Sep12 Strategic Weekly Analysis.