Celebrating Compost



YLAD Living Soils "Farming for the Future of the Planet" Seminar and Field Day - 10-12 Oct 12

Soils for Life Case study participants Rhonda and Bill Daly of Milgadara near Young celebrated 10 years of innovation in compost production, through their well known compost business, YLAD Living Soils, holding 3 days of seminars and field days entitled “Farming for the Future of the Planet” on October 10, 11, and 12. Packed with information, and success stories from farmers and land managers, the seminars and field days focused on the use of compost and its role in putting life back into the soil, as well as other innovations that speakers and the audience shared with each other.

Fourteen speakers addressed the well-attended morning sessions, with the field trips to surrounding properties, including Milgadara, providing visual explanation of how land has been brought back to life through regular compost usage – allowing users to cut back on chemical inputs.

Topped off by an excellent dinner at a local Young restaurant, the 80 strong audience was sustained, not only by quality local produce, but by the Guest Speaker, Costa Georgiadis of the ABC Gardening program, Gardening Australia. Costa shared his passion for embracing nature’s cycles and community based food production, but also regaled us with some hilarious travel tales, with his famous trademark dreadlocks causing others some concern at times!

Congratulations Rhonda and Bill for the 10th Anniversary of YLAD Living Soils and for showing so many on the land that there is another way – and compost is a big part of the answer!

The Soils for Life Team