Blockchain technology could assist 85,000 farmers

Australia’s Advocate for Soil Health, Major General Michael Jeffery, will examine the potential of blockchain technology to assist the country’s farmers to monitor their soil health and assets over time, at a conference in Adelaide on Monday, March 18th.

As Patron of the Australian Davos Connection, General Jeffery will provide the opening address of the ADC Global Blockchain Summit at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

He will assert that blockchain technology brings with it complex questions around governance, ethics, international law, security, and economics.

General Jeffery will also discuss the potential of healthy soils to store carbon, with the capacity to neutralise Australia’s total annual industrial emissions of around 550 million tonnes of CO2.

“While I understand your focus will be on distributed ledgers and digital assets, I want you to look at how blockchain technology can assist a farmer, his neighbours and maybe his whole catchment in securely capturing information about their soils, water, plant and animal assets, keeping that information updated as appropriate, and distributing that information to a wide user base – our 85,000 farm businesses”.

A copy of General Jeffery's speech is available on our website.

 For more information and a copy of General Jeffery's speech, contact: Niree Creed, Media, Soils For Life, 0418625595