SOILS FOR LIFE FIELD DAY Using raised beds and beneficial fungi to restore soil health

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Hosted by Brian and Sandra Wilson of Briandra, this Field Day showed how raising crop beds, managing cereal stubbles with cellulose-digesting fungi and spreading biological soil conditioners has resulted in improved drainage, improved soil health and fertility, converted hard setting grey clay into red/brown loam and increased sheep weight gain.

  • PROGRAM: Presentations included:
    Brian Wilson - property owner
    Walter Jehne - the Soils for Life soil microbiologist discussed trends in soil health and farm viability, research outcomes on soil health and enterprise profit and examples of innovation in soil management. Walter shared his extensive experience in CSIRO and industry in Australia and overseas on the microbial ecology of soil regeneration and the availability and cycling of nutrients, and how these govern the health, productivity and resilience of biosystems.

Read a short summary of the day and the Briandra case study, Using raised beds and beneficial fungi to restore soil health, to learn more about the diverse practices and results Brian and Sandra are achieving on their property.

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Sponsors - LawrieCo, Landmark, Millicent Farm Supplies, MG Trading, Elders, AIRR