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Natural Sequence Farming hosted this Field Day in conjunction with Tarwyn Park Training. Peter Andrews’ former property Tarwyn Park has been the laboratory of investigation into the unique water and fertility efficiencies found to exist in the Australian landscape. After taking over the severely degraded and eroded salinised farmland, Peter and Stuart Andrews have turned it into one of the world’s leading sustainable model. Tarwyn Park is an aggrading system using only water and a bio-diverse collection of plants.

  • PROGRAM: The day demonstrated the innovative solutions on display at Tarwyn Park to increase productivity and how to overcome many of today’s farming issues including:
    - Declining fertility (low soil Carbon)
    - Dryland salinity
    - Stream, gully and wind erosion
    - Watershed dislocation
    - Lack of biodiversity
    - Lack of farm water availability especially in times of drought

Read a summary and view photos from the day in our blog post Peter Andrews' management of vegetation and soil hydrology...