image of pasture cropping on Winona

Hosted by Soils for Life case study participant Colin Seis of Winona near Gulgong, NSW. This field day looked at Colin's experiences with, and outstanding results from, pasture cropping and grazing management.

  • PROGRAM: The day included presentations by:
    - David Marsh, Boorowa farmer and Soils for Life Board Member
    - Colin Seis, Winona owner - property presentation
    - Graeme Hand, CEO Stipa Native Grasses - 'Planned Grazing to increase landscape function for pasture cropping'
    - Walter Jehne, Healthy Soils Australia - 'Soil and the microbial ecology underpinning the performance of pasture cropping'

Read the review of the day, the Winona case study, "Pasture cropping the way to health", watch Colin's presentation from our Soil Health Webinar and read this detailed article published earlier this year Pasture cropping: A regenerative solution from Down Under to learn more about this amazing technique and its multitude of benefits it can provide.

- Graeme Hand's presentation
- Guide to Planned Grazing (Courtesy of NRM South)
- Walter Jehne's speaking notes