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Soils for Life is a non-profit non-government Registered Environment Organisation, chaired by Australia's former Governor General, Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC AO(Mil) CVO MC (Retd). The organisation has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, and is an Outcomes Australia Program.

Our Purpose

The Soils for Life Program is a Registered Environmental Organisation with the principal purpose of enhancing the natural environment through the provision of information and education on innovative leading performance in managing the natural environment, with a particular focus on the Australian rural landscape.

Our Objective

To facilitate positive and sustained change in how the Australian landscape is managed to ensure a thriving natural environment for the benefit of all Australians.

Our Program

The Soils for Life Program facilitates improved environmental landscape management through a phased approach:

  • Phase 1:    Identify leading practice in regenerative landscape management and document, demonstrate and promote those practices.
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  • Phase 2:    Address the impediments to the wider adoption of leading practices and build incentives and momentum for change through support, education and training.
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  • Phase 3:    Encourage the adoption of these regenerative landscape management as the norm across the agricultural landscape in Australia, setting a positive example for others through a combination of effective farmer education, Government policies, corporate and retail support, and consumer awareness.


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Annual Reports

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