Supporting and encouraging change


Soils for Life believes that we can heal our degraded landscape and address related global challenges through adopting regenerative landscape management practices which focus on the integrated management of soil, water and vegetation.

We are striving for a comprehensive coordinated approach focused on encouraging our farmers and land managers to adopt these practices.

Our priority of effort is in projects which encourage more farmers to adopt regenerative landscape management. We document and demonstrate evidence of productive regenerative agriculture across Australia. We draw from the experiences of farmers who are already successfully leading the way and share these stories to illustrate what can be achieved and how.

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By making regenerative landscape management the norm in our agricultural landscape, Australia can play a leading role in showing the world what can be done in reversing landscape degradation and sustainably producing nutrient-dense food. But we need a comprehensive, coordinated strategy and widespread change to agricultural paradigms to improve land management practices. The appointment of our Chairman and ex-Governor General Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery (Retd.) to the role of Australia's first Advocate for Soil Health is a great step in achieving this.

By supporting wide adoption of regenerative landscape management practices, we have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to national, and global social wellbeing.

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Michael Jeffery, Chair of Soils for Life and Australia's Advocate for Soil Health, talks about the importance of our farmers and the need for a coordinated approach in regenerating our landscape: