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Soils for Life Community

Soils for Life is seeking to grow a community of support for regenerative landscape management - those who are already applying innovative techniques and those who are interested in adopting regenerative practices.

We aim to promote a healthy and supportive environment for discussion and information sharing.


Tell us what your favourite reference is for learning about or practising regenerative landscape management. Books, courses, apps, IT tools... let us know what you have found useful and why.

Soils for Life is setting up a reference library for this site to share some of the great resources out there and we'd love to include your feedback and reviews to help others decide what tools could work for them in adopting regenerative landscape management practices. Provide your review here.


Read our weekly blog which provides a 'how to' on regenerating our landscape - don't forget to share your thoughts. Keep an eye on our Events page for Field Days and events supported by Soils for Life - we especially enjoy those hosted on our case study properties!

You can ask questions or start conversations via our Blog, Facebook site, or send us a message.

Let us know what information and support you need to make the change to regenerative land management practices, or, if you've already adopted such practices, how you think you - and we! - could help others.

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