Soils for Life has welcomed a new commitment by the UK Government to change the historical focus of agricultural policies to reward farmers for their agri-environmental work, after the UK leaves the EU.

Australia’s National Soils Advocate, former Governor-General Major General Michael Jeffery, said that the government had placed the protection and enhancement of soil health as the cornerstone of a new agriculture scheme.

“To the chagrin of Australian farmers, the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has locked them out of valuable markets for decades”, General Jeffery said.

“This new commitment will reward farmers for their environmental work, rather than the current support system which subsidises farmers on an arbitrary basis for the amount of land owned or farmed. We know some farmers continue to receive government support, despite undertaking no farming activities at all”.

“We are cheered by the government’s decision to encourage UK farmers to focus on soil health, on the basis that the improved health and fertility of soils also improves water holding capacity and quality, and helps address the issue of climate change”.

“This decision represents a quantum shift in the UK government’s agricultural policy, and the focus on soils and environmental regeneration mirrors the efforts of hundreds of Australian farmers”.

“UK farmers can learn a great deal from the Soils for Life case studies SFL Case Studies as they embark on a new era, post Brexit”, General Jeffery said.

Soils for Life programs demonstrate proven solutions in regenerative landscape management to increase the natural capital value of the Australian landscape – rural, regional and urban. 

For more information, contact: Niree Creed, Media, Soils for Life: +614186255895


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