Soils for Life founding Chairman, Major General Michael Jeffery, is pleased to appoint Natalie Williams as the new Soils for Life Chief of Staff.

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams is Soils for Life's new
  Chief of Staff

“Natalie comes to us with extensive knowledge and skill as well as hands on experience as a regenerative land manager from a Queensland cattle station. She is a former Nuffield Scholar, who has studied carbon sequestration in arid and semi-arid environs, sustainable grazing systems and investigated how farmers can make money trading carbon, making her a great fit for Soils for Life.”

Soils for Life received applications from an excellent field of candidates for the Chief of Staff position, and carried out interviews in November. Natalie was selected by unanimous decision and was further endorsed by our Board, who could clearly see her enthusiasm and passion for the role.

Natalie shared her extensive private industry background in her first meeting with the Board, including various Director positions on Corporate Agriculture Management boards, business management experience, details of her Nuffield Scholarship and role in managing a 7600 hectare sustainably-managed cattle station. Natalie noted some of the opportunities Soils for Life could pursue to help achieve widespread soil rejuvenation, highlighting how Australia is leading the world in many aspects of soil science and carbon sequestration, but not taking advantage of this position and noting the gap between scientific research and what is actually happening on Australian farms.

“Chief of Staff of Soils for Life is a dream job for me,” Natalie told the Board, “I believe I have the experience which will help take Soils for Life to the next level.”

Soils for Life is looking forward to having Natalie start in her full-time capacity in February 2017 after getting to know the team, our projects and the extent of this important role as we wind up 2016.


Eustie KIng commented on 21-Dec-2016 04:06 PM5 out of 5 stars
Congratulations Nat, A great new leader for a great organisation..Wish you all the best for 2017


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