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It’s been a very big year for our small team here at Soils for Life.
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Looking back...

From just getting started 12 months ago, we have now:

  • completed 19 fantastic case studies demonstrating innovative regenerative landscape management in practice
  • produced a detailed report outlining why it is so important that we address the health of our soils and how we can go about it (as well as a brief summary for those who can’t find the time to read the whole report!)
  • launched the online face of Soils for Life, including our website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts – thanks to all those who are linking in with our social networks, we look forward to more of you joining us in 2013
  • witnessed the Soils for Life Chairman, Michael Jeffery, be appointed as Australia’s first Advocate for Soil Health – a wonderful opportunity to complement our work by promoting soil health at the highest levels, while Soils for Life continues to pursue initiatives from the ground up
  • held our first Demonstration and Field Day, which was a great success, particularly due to our wonderful hosts, Greg and Sally Chappell of Shannon Vale Station, the fantastic organisational skills for the team from the Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC), and the informative presentation by consultant agronomist from SystemAg, Bart Davidson. Thanks to all those who participated!
  • developed some great relationships with regional Catchment Management Authorities and Natural Resource Management organisations to help us better communicate with and support our farmers and land managers to adopt regenerative practices
  • commenced our weekly Blog, ‘Regenerating our Landscape’, providing information on the importance of healthy soil, water management, biodiversity of vegetation and how regenerative techniques are being – and can be – applied
  • received positive and wide reaching media coverage, furthering awareness and encouraging wider adoption of regenerative landscape management techniques

And have met many great people and developed a strong and growing Community along the way.

Looking forward...

2013 heralds another big year for Soils for Life. We plan to:

  • produce additional case studies – particularly targeting enterprises and areas that weren’t addressed in the first round. We have submitted a bid to DAFF to fund this activity; listen out for the call for Expressions of Interest should it be approved
  • set up a panel of agronomists and other specialists as a 'Technical Support Network' to support increased outreach through Soils for Life Demonstration and Field Days
  • deliver an ongoing program of Demonstration and Field Days at our case study and other properties. Keep an eye on our Events page for the forward program early in 2013 and then details of each event
  • gain a greater understanding of the financial benefits of adopting regenerative landscape management technique – and share those findings with you
  • demonstrate how farmers and land managers applying regenerative techniques can best make their case to obtain resources
  • engage more strongly with rural youth groups and our future farmers

And hopefully develop our Community even further – we really look forward to your engagement and promotion of the Soils for Life cause.

We’ll be taking a short break from 21 December to 7 January, and look forward to continuing to encourage the wide adoption of leading practice regenerative landscape management in 2013.

Wishing you all an enjoyable festive season and healthy soils, sufficient rainfall and thriving vegetation in 2013.

The Soils for Life Team


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