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The Soils for Life program encourages wide adoption of regenerative landscape management practices to restore landscape health and produce quality and nutrient-dense food and fibre.

We support innovative farmers and land managers demonstrating high performance in regenerating their landscape whilst maintaining or increasing production. We believe their stories are compelling and can provide confidence for those who want to make a change from conventional practices.

What is Soils for Life?

Outcomes Australia’s Soils for Life Program is a Registered Environmental Organisation with the principal purpose of enhancing Australia's natural environment with a focus on the Australian rural landscape.

Who are we?

The Soils for Life Chairman is Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC AO(Mil) CVO MC (Retd), and our Board comprises representatives from the land, finance, media, business, politics and research.

Why are soils important?

Healthy soil is fundamental to biosystem functioning, landscape regeneration and sustainable food production. Healthy soil is resilient and better able to retain function during, and recover after, stress or disturbance - such as too much or too little rain.

Healthy soil can be achieved through a combination of sound water management and a biodiversity of functional vegetation. Together, supported by the constant flow of solar energy, soil, water and vegetation management are the process drivers to a healthy regenerative landscape.

However, despite good practices of many of our farmers and land managers, our soil health has been depleted.

How are we encouraging change?

Soils for Life believes Australia needs a comprehensive coordinated approach to address landscape degradation. We are seeking to encourage our farmers and land managers to adopt improved regenerative landscape management practices focused on the interrelated components of soil, water and vegetation and by becoming more efficient in the use of natural resources.